341 days, 4 hours, 38 minutes ago…

Dear Little Buddy,

323 days, 7773 hours you changed my life forever.  No matter, where I go, I will always remember that day where my heart received you to keep it company.  Before we have a serious show down, I think it is time for you to realize who you are dealing with as you continue to occupy space in my body (by the way you are overdue for your January rent, you have 8.5 years until you have to stop paying).  Trust me, invading my body comes with a cost (my blood flow is not for free).

Little Buddy, I feel now is the time to let you know that you were not born without complications.  Quite frankly, you were not wanted, but I had to choose to either live or die.  I was only 37 and still felt that I have not served my purpose.  I know your function/purpose is to save my life, but do you have to follow me everywhere?

341 days, 4 hours, 38 minutes ago, my water broke and your birthing process started.  Now, as you know I am a male, and I will never give actual birth (and all the pushing, pain, that comes with it), but I knew something was starting to happen.  Never did I think it was going to be the road to your birth.

At 12:02 pm I was sitting in front of my television watching the afternoon news, while eating buffalo chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and a salad (lets not forget about the diet coke of course).  All of a sudden, as I was watching the TV, the TV started to get all white and my surroundings started to spin.  Immediately, I knew something was serious wrong.  When something  goes on with my body, I am not one who will wait 1o minutes to see if it gets better.  I immediately went to grab my phone (thank god I am a Facebook junkie and had my phone right next to my side) and called 911.  It seemed like forever before they answered the phone and when they did they put me on hold to transfer me to 911 in my town.  Seriously!!!  You put me on hold.  After less then a minute, which seemed like 20 minutes, the operator got on the phone and asked if I had an emergency.  I felt like saying, no I am calling to let you know that my cat hasn’t eaten today or there was a sloth that is a lost!  After I gained composure, I uttered the words that I have heard many times on medical tv shows, I think I am having a heart attack……….



    • I could not write these without my humor coming out. If I don’t laugh I will just dwell and dwelling takes me to negative thoughts which I dont want to have. Glad you are a follower, you are in for a bumpy ride….but enjoy! -Bruce

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    • Thank you so much. So many people have commented on my story telling but I am just a normal guy telling my story. I have to write with humor because if I don’t I think I would be freaking out. Thank you for visiting my blog! -Bruce


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