Dreams away…

 I blurted out please don’t shock me, and received the reply of, “do you want to live or die”.  All of a sudden everything went black…..


I felt the shock then blackness hit me like a wall of bricks.  My mind, my life, went out.  I didn’t hear anything not a peep.  Did I die?  Where was I?  What really happened?  OMG my cat!

Now I have no memory of two weeks of my life.  When I realized this honestly I was freaked out.  During the 2 weeks a lot was going on in my mind.  My dreams were horrifying and I had no say at all what was going on.  At the time I did not realize that they were just dreams.  I went about living my life in my dreams as they entered my limp, lifeless body.

My loving wife, who I have been married to since 2004, became a lesbian.  Yeah, a lesbian, and I was just a worthless person in a power wheel chair who relied on her complete care.  She looked at me like I was an object that she had to watch out for until I was finally gone.  I was worthless.  I could not speak, turn, or run.  I was isolated, frozen in the space that I occupied.  I was spoon fed, bathed (at times), and fed from baby jars.

I remember very clearly, a big gala, my wife and her lovers house, on the 2nd floor, where I became like Steven Hawkins.  I was confined in a wheelchair and placed in a corner.  They were trying to raise money to support their underground world (almost like a sex dungeon) and I was being auctioned off as a piece of meat.  People all around were paying to inject my body with some weird unknown substance.  With each injection, I would feel my lethargic body go limper and loose.  My head spinning in circles and then the lights went dark.

The smell of stale smoke filled the area as I was rolled naked into a room and placed on a table.  It was ice cold, where were my clothes?  Two ladies presided over me, staring at me.  “I think we have a big one today,” stated one of the two.  As I was being moved around, they began talking about their previous night and what they did.  They started talking about what they were going to be doing for the weekend.  And, they even talked about their sex life.  What was going on?  Where was I?  Wait, am I on a slab in the morgue?






  1. Actually, there is more of this story which will come out in another entry down the line but I will tell you that the Code Blue’s were actually real. You just got to keep reading to find out how I discovered that. I am so glad you are enjoying this. It is really helping me get my story out there. New entry for today will be up shortly. -Bruce


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