Stranger, danger….who me???


If you don’t know by now, my name is Bruce.  I am 37 and live outside of Boston, MA with my wife and daughter (cat) named Ruby. I enjoy sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping.  I like talking to friends, and music.  I love a challenge.  Welcome to my unique page.

I started this blog, with reservations, because I wanted to put my mind on paper.  Since my event last February 2016 my life has been turned upside down.  I am on the road to recovery, thanks to the great team of doctors and an awesome counselor that I have been working with.  Doing this blog has been so therapeutic for me and I am committed to my readers and myself to blog each day.  Today, I took a break from my story to introduce who I am and how grateful I am for you to be here reading my blog.

My story has been viewed over 200 times from countries such as United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Slovenia, Australia, Croatia, India, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Isle of Man, Serbia, Philippines and Italy.  Never did I think when I started my story would reach that many people from so many places in the world.  To me, it is encouragement to continue.

As I sit here writing this, my heart is beating a mile a minute.  The reflection that I have done in the past few days have been amazing.  It has taken me to places in my mind that I have attempted to close out.  However, it is not that easy.  The littlest thing can get my mind going.

As I continue to share my story and my thoughts, I would like to apologize in advance, if it offends anyone.  Please remember that this is my story, my life, my little place in this universe.  I encourage you to contact me with any questions that you may have or positive thoughts.  I really would like to hear other people’s stories.  There is so much support out there, you just need to do some work.

Once again, thank you, my story will continue shortly….



  1. I agree that blogging is therapeutic! I started being active on here at a time when I was so drained with life.. It has helped me step out of the box and encouraged me more than I can imagine… It’s nice to know you, Bruce. See you around! ❤


      • To be honest with you, I don’t really remember (kidney failure = terrible memory LOL). I think I might have read one of your comments on someone else’s blogs and clicked through to yours 🙂


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