Is it too much to make a plan???



All of a sudden, the dreams came to a halt and I could feel the eerie presences of many people standing around me.  I could not see, I could not feel, but I could hear.  People were rushing in my room from every direction as the intercom blared, Code Blue Room 33, Code Blue Room 33.  

I could sense many people hoovering over me like I was some kind of spectacular for all to see.  I could hear them all talking really fast.  The lead doctor came in and asked the nurse what the issue was.  I heard her tell him that my blood pressure was crashing and my pulse was minimal.  Then the argument began between the nurse and the doctor.  The head doctor telling her that I was not coding because I had a rhythm.  The nurse disagreeing being very admit that if we do not shock me right away that I would die.

I was screaming inside to shock me, but my screams laid on death ears as they could not here me.  I really wanted to see who was standing above me but my eyes felt like they were shut with super glue (some wished my mouth was like that).  I was laying there thinking I can not believe that they were arguing between each other right over me.  Didn’t they know I was hearing every word they said?  I was getting anxious, I was scared, and could not do a single thing about it.  Then my world went blank again.

Blackness filled my body but it did not go far nor lasted too long.  Cold Blue Room 33, Code Blue Room 33, and it began again, however the head doctor did not return.  It was like I was a waste of his time.  There was still plenty of people in the room and the nurse took charge.  She was debating with all of the doctors what to do.  They were going back and forth debating if they were going to shock me or not.  The nurse said that she would take responsibility of the decision to save my life as the head doctor still had not arrive.  All of a sudden, I heard one of the doctors say have you tried to do this, I learned it in medical school.  I remember laying there thanking god someone had a plan.  

Then the injection began, and the blackness returned… 


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