Doctor, Doctor, wait a Resident…

Then the injection began, and the blackness returned…

Wait, Who just did that?  A medical student, really?  I’m dead, I just know it.  My entire life was put in the hands of a medical student!!!  How could he all of a sudden remembered something he learned in medical school.  Did he never do it before?  Great!  Just wonderful.  Suddenly, I knew that I would never wake up normal again.

wake-up WAKE UP

However, I did.  Normal, well that is still being debated to this day by my wife, but I woke up.  Honestly, I really do not have a clue how much time had elapsed from the injection until the time I woke up.  The next thing I heard was, “Bruce you need to make a hummmmm sound,” WHAT???  And just like the tube that was in my mouth came out.  I  opened my eyes and there standing above me was my team of doctors and my wife and her parents appeared out of no where.  

I could barely talk, as I had been intubated, for two weeks, but had no realization of this fact.  I mean it was Friday, wasn’t it.  I was just eating lunch a few hours ago.  Then the idiotic questions began.  Is your name, Kyle? (are you serious right now!!!  Why is this fool asking for my name, doesn’t he know who he is dealing with!!!).  Do you have any pain?  (nahhhh, I am laying here with a big smile on my face, with wires coming out of my body for the hell of it!!!).  And then comes the question of all questions, the holy question, the question that is worth sticking your tongue to a telephone pole on a triple dog dare, ” Do you know where you are?”  Please tell me why, they ask such dumb questions!  Also, I was just incubated for two weeks and just had a tube yanked from my mouth!  I just let out a growl, which to them, appeared that I understood what I was saying.  My ever heroic wife, then chimed in that I was in the hospital in Boston.  Wait, what??? 

I already knew that my wife was not normal, but what in the world was she talking about?  I just left the house in the ambulance, heading to my local hospital (about 40 minutes away from Boston) a few hours ago.  I was so confused, so lost.  These people all started talking to me and hear I am trying to figure out how I ended up here.  The next thing I remember happening was that I hit my mother in law and just looked at her.  What did I do just do?  Who just did that?  Later, on it became a running joke in our family that I hit her but why her has always remained the question.  For being my mother in law, she was a super, caring person, and has always been there for both of us through our marriage.

Then, my wife decided to share some of news that I was not aware of… 

*For those who do not know what Resident means:  

Residency is a stage of graduate medical training. A resident or house officer is a physician (one who holds the degree of M.D., D.O., or MBBS, MBChB, or BMed) who practices medicine usually in a hospital or clinic under the direct or indirect supervision of an attending physician.  (provided by Wikipedia)



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