FEARS pt. 2


As we know, when one has a fear, it is hard to get it out of your mind.  Your fears may not be present all the time but it can take one thing that triggers it to come back.  I recently asked others (who needed a device put inside of them), what their biggest fear was.  The amount of responses have been amazing that I needed to write 2 blogs on the same topic rather then 1.  I would like to share more of their responses about their fears, that I even have thought about from time to time:

  • that it won’t work when I need it -Becky
  • I don’t feel I can put my head there (on my husband’s chest) any more for fear that I will hurt him, move the box, damage the wires -Sheran
  • being hacked and having to listen to opera on it -Ed
  • my body rejected the unit, and twilight drug act backwards on me -Annette
  • hoping Samsung didn’t make the battery so it doesn’t blow up in my chest… then I got paperwork saying my device had a battery recall and needed to be swapped out -Dominic
  • being controlled by a machine inside me/loss of control -Emma
  • being shocked -Kimberlyn
  • not having it and dying -Frank
  • being shocked in front of kids, and feeling like a robot -Lauren
  • None…once you have an SCA the ICD is a Gift! -Susan
  • will parts rust? rejection by body? false alarms? when can it be powered by solar panel pasted on bald spot?hacker’s bad boy hit list? -Vic
  • don’t fear the ICD, it’s not having one that should Scare you, to me the ICD is a Life Preserver, there if I need it -Arthur
  • having another lead dislodge and I worry it may migrate and do damage to my heart, lungs or where it could travel -Mary Ellen
  • surgery, being overly aware of the ICD inside of me -Janine
  • having something that could shock without warning. But, after thinking about it I realized that death could come with no warning -Diani
  • that once I got my ICD, my heart would become dependent on it & my life as I knew it would be over forever -Rennie
  • the device would fire during sex and shock both me and my partner AND that I would get shocked standing near the microwave -Nadyne
  • EMP burst -Christopher
  • dying, fear of driving and getting shocked, being shocked, moving the wrong way and something happened to the leads, leaving my wife and cat -Bruce

I would personally thank everyone that shared their response with me.  There are so many groups and blogs out there that are there for support.  My advice to all, please continue with your life and learn to conquer your fears.  I absolutely know that is harder then it seems.  I am almost at my year and the first 9 months were hell.  If I can do it, anyone can.




  1. Amazing story! It’s such a common occurrence, yet I had no idea what all was involved in this life-changing event. It will help me approach those that are undergoing something similar with a lot more compassion and understanding.

    Thank you!


  2. I don’t know if you can realize any of this with humor. I have to in my life. When I think of a pacemaker I know it saved my dad’s life. And that was many years ago and I’m sure they have improved greatly. If you do decide you can see a funny side, try out the Golden Girls episode where Blanche had to have one. If not, your choice and much good luck to you. Fear is disabling as we all know. Don’t let it get the better of you.


    • I am so confused about your comment. If you take a look at my other blog you will see that the reason my blog stands out is the humor that I bring to my situation. The fear blogs were responses from other people who had a pacemaker and were the two very serious blogs cause it was their words not mine. -Bruce


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