The Valiant Blogger Award

Liz of Daily Warriors created this award and Elizabeth of the thecomfortablecoop, one of the past winners,  nominate me for this award.

Valiant means possessing or showing courage or determination.  I never realized that anyone could consider me to be valiant but now that I have started to write my blog, I can tell how Elizabeth could see me that way.  I am just a normal person, telling my story about my crazy life and misfortunes.

I’m honored that Elizabeth thought I am worthy of this amazing award! If you haven’t checked out thecomfortablecoop you really should. It’s for everyone who faces struggles from serious illness to clutter around the home.  She is a wife, mom, and grandma who loves cooking, baking, gardening, and all things that go into making a cozy coop for her brood. Although she is disabled she tries not to let it get in the way of what she loves doing.


As you can see at the Hall of Valor people are overcoming problems that most of us face.

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Provide a link to the Hall of Valor.
3. In 200 words or less, share about the greatest challenge in your life and HOW you got through it.
4. Give one piece of advice to people who are struggling with something in their life.
5. Thank the person who nominated you, and nominate a new blogger for the award.

What is the greatest challenge in your life and HOW you got through it?

The greatest challenge of my life is when my life turned upside down in February 2016 when I had a major heart event.  My story is being written in my blog, 9 months later, of what I went through.  It was very traumatic, and even though I am alive right now, I came very close of just being a memory to the people that I love.  I have had so much trouble facing this, that I have hid in a cocoon for about 10 months, protecting myself.

Getting though my whole event has not been easy at all.  I will never forget how my life turned upside down with a blink of an eye and changed the person who I was.  However, time heals all wounds and it is getting better for me to face society day by day.  This blog, started to be an avenue of my therapy, and honestly I never thought anyone would read it.  I have been overwhelmed of all of the support and encouragement I have received.  To that I thank you all and the ones that read my blog for the first time, Welcome to my Life!  -Bruce

Give one piece of advice to people who are struggling with something in their life.

Do not let the negative win in your life!  You control your own destiny, and you are a fighter not a loser.  Go after your problem or struggle and conquer it!!  YOU CAN DO IT!

Once again I would like to thank ELIZABETH for choosing me for this award.  It means so much to me.

Make sure to let the bloggers you chose for the award know that you nominated them.
Liz of Daily Warriors will list down each of the posts of the nominated bloggers in the Hall of Valor page.  Each blogger’s post will be listed there only once, so we can give recognition to more people in this amazing community.

I’d like to nominate Purplebutterfly for this award. I stumbled upon her blog and it is filled with positive motivation that everyone can use in life.

I’d also like to nominate Lifeofachickpea because the blog is amazing and is sharing fears and cheers about life.  I always look forward to reading this blog.

Once again that you Elizabeth for this award.  It is an honor.



  1. Bruce, you are definitely a valiant person! You greatly deserve this award! Thanks for sharing your story and inspirational thoughts to us. I added this to the Hall of Valor. 😉


  2. Thank you so much, I don’t know if I deserve this nomination, but I appreciate it so much. I will post my award sometime next week. Thank you again! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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