I’ll be there for you

He promised he would be back on a daily basis to talk.  I could not wait, to see him.


He did keep his promise and show up daily with or without his mentor but I always asked her to leave.  Which she quickly obliged.  However, something else was happened around me that I did not predicate.

Ironically, the hospital I was caged in at, was also the hospital that I worked at, in the Pediatric Department.  I was the administrative coordinator for the Pediatric Cardiology department, (yes I said Cardiology), in the clinic.  I was the link that the parents used to reach their doctors or get them any kind of urgent messages.  However, here I lied 2 buildings away, from my desk, counting the ceiling tiles.  3,423 was my last count by the way.  Did they even know I was here?  Did they care?  Who was taking care of my patients?

One day after watching countless hours of lying down and watching hours  of pointless television I received a knock on my door.  A knock was the most excitement that I had since getting breakfast a few hours ago.  In walks two of my co-workers, Eunice and Nacy.  My entire attitude changed completely as I was so excited to see familiar faces.  I could also see my news making a beeline for the break room as they saw the perfect opportunity to eat and breath while I was being pre-occupied.  I could not believe they were standing there.

Both of them were on their lunch break from the dungeon and recently learned that I was here.  They had no clue what had happened to me or that I was even sick.  I was shocked.  I knew that my supervisor knew as my wife had applied for disability and she was informed but she never let anyone know.  I always hated her and she was this low as a person to do this.  Eunice had a tear in her eyes and a what the hell happened to you on her face.  While Nacy, was glued to her phone, peering through her glasses with the I told you to take better care of yourself.  I then shared my story with them while they listened with shock.  They never knew I was that sick, they just thought when I was taking time off of work I was either sleeping the day away or looking for another job.  LOL

In about a half hour, my other co-worker, Sherry, arrived after getting lost in the hospital that she worked at.  How could anyone get lost?  Oh wait, Sherry can!  Sherry and I shared  a special bound.  It was a running joke in the office that we were a work couple even though it would never happen (I was married!!!).  However, Sherri and I were close and I trusted her a lot.  We talked, we laughed, we grew on each other.  She was not only my co worker, work wife, mother but she was also my friend.  I was so grateful to have someone like her in my life and I was very fortunate that I met her on my life journey.  When she came in, I could see her mouth drop and the act of concern was all over her body.  Then when she could tell I was breathing the lecture began and the “finger” pointing began.  Man, I almost died and now I had to sit through this.

  I realized at that moment, that people did really care about me and it was very overwhelming as a tear fell from my eyes.  My life would not be complete without special people with them.  To this day I am so grateful for them being there.  Way may only talk once or twice a month but thank you for being there when I needed you the most.  You will always have a place in my story!!!



    • Love your blog. So honest and defiantly brings back memories. I do know that in a work place, personal information is confidential, so it takes a while for the real info to get out. The EMTs that saved my life had no clue I lived until I went in to thank them 2 months later!

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