Yesterday, as you may know, I went for my CT scan.  Honestly, I lost it when I was sitting in a room, for the first time since my traumatic event almost a year ago.  I made it through with the thanks to my anxiety medication, Ativan, and handled everything like a champ.  However, what happened afterwards has had me fuming all day.

As I have mentioned before February 12, 2016 will mark my one year anniversary when my life went dark, and my story begun.  Since waking up, and gaining the courage I have met with various people who saved my life and played an important role to me being here today.  Except for one person.  Her name is Dr. Thorton and she is an Emergency Department doctor at my local hospital.  Once I was shocked in the ambulance, from my house, my lifeless body arrived to my local hospital and she was the one that did everything she could do to make sure that I was stable to be transferred to Boston for further care.  I do not remember anything about it as my comma had already began.

One of my goals to the road of recovery has been to meet the people that played an important part of my existence today.  I have met the 911 dispatcher, I have met the paramedics that responded to my house that day.  I am in the process of arranging a time to go up and see Nurse Carol.  However, I have never had the honor of meeting Dr. Thorton, besides seeing her picture on the hospital’s website.

Each time we are in my local hospital I have always stopped at the front desk to see if she is on shift so I could meet her and thank her.  I am always very honest and tell them why I would like to see her.  The receptionist always has a smile when she hears why.  After my CT scan yesterday, I stopped at the desk on my way out to see if Dr. Thorton was on.  I was told to have a seat in the waiting room and the patient liaison would come and speak to me.

About 15 minutes go by and a member of security approached me and asked me if he could talk to me in the corner of the room.  I then noticed that 4 to 5 other security people were standing around the perimeter.  My entire body started to tremble.  The officer asked why I wanted to see Dr. Thorton and I told him the truth of how I have been trying to meet her as she is one of the people that saved my life a year ago.  He then goes to me, I know you have been in here numerous times asking to see her and how it was not professional to do so.  I think my jaw dropped,  I was harmless, I wasn’t doing anything wrong at all and I was starting to get really embarrassed because all of this was being blown out of proportion and there were other people around me, watching me.  He told me that the staff was not comfortable with me being there and they wanted me to leave the property.  That was completely fine with me and I had no objections, I was just in awe of the whole situation and how it was being handled.  One of the officers, as I was leaving, pulled me aside and said why don’t you write her a thank you note.  At that point, I was agreeing to everything as I wanted to get in my car and just go home.

Now, I still have a void that I need to fill and still determined to meet her.  I may now take one of the officers advice and write her a letter and let her know everything that has occurred.  However, I will be sure to send my letter to the director of the ER, as well as the director of the hospital.  There has to be a better way that you can show gratitude to someone after they save your life.

I am really interested in knowing what you think about all of this or how you would of handled this if this was you.

Until next time!  -Bruce




  1. Wow is all I can say. Some one at the hospital missed the ball. My journey to meet my heros took me a least a year and a half and still haven’t thanked everyone. Im lucky to be from a small town so I think it was much easier for me but I started with writing letters. Honestly I don’t think I felt strong enough to meet them face to face yet so that was my comfort zone. I agree you were not treated very well for some reason, but pour year heart out in a note. Leave it up to her to meet you. Maybe she is the type to accept gratitude from behind the curtains???? Best wishes! I too felt part of my healing was to meet and thank everyone I could. I’m still working on it 2 years later.

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  2. Excuse my language, but what the fuck?!? I’m sure that if the hospital staff had bothered to look at your file, they would have seen that this doctor had treated you a year ago. I would think that people who work in a place where lives are saved would be sensitive to the fact that someone would want to thank the doctor who helped save theirs. It’s clear that someone has blown this situation waaaay out of proportion.

    Anyways, I think a thank you note is definitely a start. And I second Tina’s opinion with regards to the complaint letter to the hospital administration.

    I really hope for you that this unfortunate situation gets cleared up and that you are able to see this doctor face to face.

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    • Totally agree. I can not believe that this happened at all. I already have PTSD due to medical trauma from the event and I have anxiety. I was freaking out when all these officers were around me. Oh trust me, people from high to low will hear about this whole situation. I am devastated. Thanks for the encouragement. -Bruce

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  3. That’s so silly of them when they knew you just wanted to say thank you and I’m sure anyone would appreciate being told thank you! I would write a letter too. There was nothing you could do at the hospital except agree and leave. Sorry that it’s happened to you. xx

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  4. That’s outrageous! Holy cow! I saw an ER doctor who admitted my husband when he had cancer a few days after he was hospitalized. She rushed over to me and HUGGED me! How in the world could your hospital think it was inappropriate for you to want to thank your doctor!? OMG! I think I would have gone through the roof! I’d definitely let the administrator know how terrible they made you feel and how INAPPROPRIATE their reaction was! JERKS!

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  5. That was handled pretty badly by the hospital. That must have been hard to go through. I’d certainly write a letter!
    Just read through your posts and you’ve been on quite a journey! Also, you certainly know how to tell your story to keep the reader engaged. All the best, Tracy.


  6. Hi @bad301
    Like everyone said, there is obviously a situation of poor management.
    They could of stated the same thing in a more polite way. I am sorry to hear that you experienced such thing.
    It is tough man, experienced plenty of lame situations 😦
    Hope you don’t come across situations like that again!

    BTW, I would like to say that I included one of your nice comments on one of my pages,

    If you are not happy with your comment being here, please let me know – I can remove it there if you do not want it to be there. Just want to confirm your permission 🙂

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  7. You did the right thing. I can’t believe they treated you like that. You were doing nothing wrong but trying to be kind to someone. Nothing wrong with that in anyway you can do it. I would complain to the big shots there for sure. You are doing the right thing. I hope you get to see Dr. Thornton very soon. Hugs!

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