depressed young man sitting on the bench

Hello Followers,

I feel really guilty that I have not blogged today.  I have been in a mood for the past week and I am trying to get past it.  I have been trying to be so strong but inside I am screaming. I thought I would have so much anxiety on Sunday, but I didn’t.  I have been overwhelmed with the comments of people like you that have been following my blog.  I enjoy them but I also do a lot of self reflection on myself.  I think I over analyze everything I think about.

However, all people experience how I am feeling so I know I am not alone.  I know I have the support out there.  I will overcome this disease and not let it win!  See, I am positive but I sit here feeling like I just lied by typing that.  Life goes on and I will go with it.  I need to get out of this funk and back into society.

I have been looking forward going to a hockey game with a college buddy of mine, this weekend, and he just canceled.  I want to believe him and his reasoning but it is so hard to think that he just didn’t want to go with me.  Oh well, I will take my wife to the game and still have a great time.


Today, is also Valentine’s day.  I am so glad to have my wife that has always been there to support me in my highs and lows.  However, she HATES this holiday.  She doesn’t like chocolate, she doesn’t like flowers so what does a man do???  A selfie stick, a pair of purple headphones, and a big cookie.  Yep that worked.  At least she did not have any expectation of what she was getting so the element of surprise was priceless.  

Until next time……




  1. …maybe your friend couldn’t make it for good reason…if he blew you off it’s his loss and go find a new friend. You had a good time anyway, right?

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    • I am going with my wife, she actually got me 3 sets of tickets for Christmas. I went to the first game with her and we have plans to go to the last one together and I changed it up in the middle to go with one of the guys. Yeah it is his lost but he wont stop me from going it just is a bummer! -Bruce


  2. I like that…the element of surprise worked in your favor. Awesome!
    I like V’day much better now that I’m single. I don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations. 😃👍
    I hope you pull out of your funk sooner rather than later. Life is about to spring into high gear.

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