For Better, For Worse…

I really felt bad for my wife she has been through so much and I knew it still was not over….


My death sentence began on April 24, 2004 where I watched the person who would be there the rest of my life, talk the long walk down the church aisle.  This was it, this was my life, this is a moment that I never will forget.

My wife and I met in college in our freshman year through awkwardly someone that passed away that was on her volleyball team and my peer group.  All of us with contact with the girl that passed was taken to the health center for counseling and also to prevent the press from asking us all uncomfortable questions.  I mean we were only 2 days into our freshman year.  Now, let’s make something clear here, I did not go in this situation looking for love, it just happened.  That encounter would change my life forever.

As in every couple, my wife and I have had our share of problems.  We were so juicy together.  HA HA HA  However, at the end of the day we try to forgive and move on.  However, never did I ever expect my wife to go through when everything happened on February 12, 2016.  I had no choice, no say, and couldn’t do a thing about it.  What she experienced during that month was more then any human should have to be put through.  She watched me lay in front of her each day for two weeks wondering if I would ever wake up.

Now I have been told that during those two weeks she talked to me the entire time.  She stretched herself thin and would go to work for a half days at times and then no days at all.  She would jump every time the phone would ring at her desk, waiting to hear from the hospital.  Before people get all uptight, please understand that my wife also worked as an admin at another local hospital in the area.  She was not miles away, more like minutes, and she did need to take a break of what was happening to me for her own well being.  I will never and have never thought she did the wrong thing.  She needed to protect herself!


I remember waking up after my comma and she was right there by my side with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen on her face.  Even though, I had no clue why all these people were around me and what the heck was the big deal with everything she sat there overjoyed.

As we talked in the days proceeding I discovered what a superwoman she really was.  She contacted my job, ummmm I worked at the hospital that I was lying in, she filed for disability, she paid the bills at home, she got access to our bank account, she went food shopping, and she even washed some of the dishes, oh and she made sure that our cat was well taken care of!  These were the things that I would take care of mainly and she never had to worry about.

My wife is a god scent.  I will never take her for granted and she means the universe to me.  People joke that being married is a death sentence, which I love to use, but marriage is really about forever and always being there for your partner no matter what the situation is.

I love you Kristen you will always have my heart in your hands.


  1. Beautiful! I feel that way about my husband. He has slept in hospital chairs, on cots, whatever was available to stay close. We have grown now and when I’m not near death I insist he go home. He tends to everything at the house and returns in the a.m. before I’m awake. We are blessed!


  2. Aww that’s a lovely story ❤️❤️ She obviously loves you lots. Your so lucky, lovely wife and you survived a heart attack too. Enjoy everyday, give thanks that you survived you are one of the lucky ones.

    I’m a strong believer that we are like living clocks timed to run for our set times which we’re destined when we were born.

    Your time to go was not then. Please don’t waste the rest of your life worrying about something you can’t control….. easier said than done I hear you say. But for your wife’s sake please try Bruce.

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  3. This post brings lots of feelings up for me. Doug and I have not ever really talked about what it was like for me the day of his bypass surgery or the following months of taking care of him. It definitely changed our relationship to being permanent (we aren’t married – we had only been together for a couple years when he had his surgery). I hope someday you can show your wife what you wrote. 😍


  4. Awww…. what a beautiful story, what an amazing woman. Well, those who say marriage is a death sentence have not discovered marriage. Like everything in life, there will be good days and bad days.

    But when I look at my husband, I discover I marrried the best man on earth. Our love like yours has been tried and tested to limits but by God’s grace, we plan to grow old together still in love with each other.

    I know that if the roles were switched, you would have done the same and even more for your lovely wife, and that’s true love. May God’s love continue to increase and abound in your home, Amen. Thank you for such an inspirational post.

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  5. This is an amazing post in honor of your wife. Your love for each other is evident. I always wonder how I would survive if something ever happened to my husband. When we were first married, I managed the bills and took care of the extras while he worked long hours. Roles have switched and he now does it all. He has all the passwords to all the accounts, handles all the finances and still works long hours. He enjoys it and I personally enjoy him taking over. But, what happens if something happens?
    We always talk about setting it up to where I know all the info but then life moves on. Thanks for this post. You have inspired me. 🙂


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