Cats R Us


Cats are very powerful, pain in the assess, and demanding.  However, a cat has many healthy benefits to having one around (even though they do sleep all damn day).

Meow!  Meow!  Meow!  Excuse me, Mr. Human, what about an introduction?  Your bloggers want to know about me so tell them who I am.  Mr. Human do you hear me?  Meow!

As I was saying, cats are very therapeutic for the human soul.  They can turn someone’s spirits around with just a rub, a smile, or a purrrr.

Meow!  Meow!  Meow!  I am telling you this human is unreal!  Well, I guess I am just going to have to translate what I want to say.  My name is Ruby (RAD, Ruby Tuesday), I am a princess, the queen, the ruler of the palace.  I rule over all including my owners, and animals in my home.  I love to sleep, eat, and sleep more.  My favorite food is beef gravy (which my owners only let me lick up from their plates).

When I was in the hospital/rehab for over a month the one thing I wanted was to just curl up and pet my cat.  However, hospitals do not allow outside animals to come in and visit their humans.  One of the hospitals that I was enjoying my stay at had a program with dogs but they never came to my room.  They probably knew that I would not have let the dog go once it got into my room.  However, cats do have many advantages:


Meow!  Meow!  Meow!  Stupid humans why do they have to get so technical all the time.  Can’t they just love me and just give me all their money.  Yesterday, February 20th was National Pet Day, and I was the star!  This past weekend it was all about me and I made my humans not to forget it.  My humans, thought they would be sneaky and dropped me off at the groomers to get a bath, a fluff, and a nail cut.  Did I show them!  I was so bad, and would not come out of my cage and I hissed and bit anyone that came near me.  My humans were no where in site so I knew I would get away with it  I wish I had a hideout.  However, the mean lady called my dad and he stormed in, took me out of the cage, and held me down while they tortured me and attempted to kill me.  I could not scratch my daddy but I knew I was safe as long as he was there.  I put up a huge fight until it was bath time.  It was sooooo relaxing.  I even stood up like a human on two legs so they could drench my body.  I was really trying to crawl out to save my life but I just gave in to the arm mist.


See bloggers what I have to deal with.  She always needs to steal the show, in this case the blog!  I am surprised she is even let me type this but she is loving seeing herself on the computer. I wonder if I put some glitter on her that she would stick out like a sore thumb.  Even though being in the hospital was such a blur I will always remember missing my Ruby.  As she gets older, I do worry what will happen when I will have to say goodbye.  I am going to be a wreck!

Meow!  Meow!  Meow!  Stupid human, stop talking like that about me.  You need to worry about me running away with Tabby and having beautiful babies.  I just need to figure out these locks on the door or be more clever on my escapes.  I don’t even know where Tabby lives, but I will find her.  She is my tuna in my juice!  If you stupid people don’t know what I am talking about go and ready about Tabby.  All this blogging is making me tired, have fun indulging my human.  He may be long winded, and have fleas, but he is mine!  Meow…  

Love you too Ruby!!!  Goodnight!!!  🙂


Check out my secret admire’s blog, Tabby, by clicking HERE.  


  1. Beautiful Ruby , my granddaughter who is nine is sat with me and she is not so impressed because she is called Ruby as well 😊

    I used to have a ginger cat called Percy and he instinctively knew when I was feeling down. I love cats they are very intelligent 🌹

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  2. Gotta say, I’ve always found cats too independent for my tastes. They come to see you when they want food, then they’re like “I got what I came for, leave me alone now”. Haha! Though, admittedly, it probably doesn’t help that I’m allergic to the buggers. I have to say though, you cat is very cute!


  3. I love cats. I have 2 indoors and when I moved in our home, there was a cat that lived in our before us. So we adopted her to because she was here first. Sweet baby too, can’t believe the previous owners didn’t take her with them. They can always be comforting when you’re down.


  4. Hahaha — my “hideout” post involved our cat too.

    I’m more of a dog person, but I swear our cat is half dog. She rolls over all the time to have her belly rubbed. What kind of cat does that?


  5. Meow Ruby
    Thanks for the mention. Sorry to disappoint with the kittens, but you know how it goes. A quick visit to the vet and dreams of motherhood are gone, but who cares. Tell the human that you own, that cat flaps are better than locks. If you have trained your human slave well, she will even open the window for you. It is all a matter of training.
    Tabby T. Cat


  6. OM Gosh! Ruby glad to hear you are keeping your human in line. My Diva Ginger “Mae” who I lost two (2) weeks ago kept me on my toes. She was a calico and a talker! When my son came home from work, she would start talking to him right away. And let me tell you, if he didn’t answer her, she would follow him around until he talked with her. Talk about “humans” being trained. Give Ruby a hug for us!

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