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After much feedback on my blog entry SERIOUSLY!!! I did go forward and wrote a letter to the hospital in regards to everything that occurred.  It went in the mail yesterday.  The letter is below.

The word of the day is rhythmic but I can not put it in the letter as it would alter the original content.

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February 17, 2017

Dr. Thorton,

My name is Bruce and on February 12, 2016 I understand that you were one of the main people that saved my life.  If you don’t remember my story, I was taken into your hospital by ambulance with a Sudden Cardiac event.  I must of been unconscious when you intercepted me at Sturdy as I do not remember two weeks of my life starting on that day.  You ended up getting me stable enough to transport to Boston Medical Center where I remained in the ICU.  If you are not aware of the outcome, I ended up with two strains of pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and a major heart event.  I was in a coma for two weeks in the ICU, when I woke up they decided it was in my best interest to insert a pacemaker/defibrillator inside of me.

I am so grateful for everyone that played an important role in my life.  I have met the dispatcher as well as the paramedics that played a part in this.  I have also returned to BMC to thank the doctors and nurses in the ICU.  However, the one person I haven’t had a chance to thank is you and I wanted to do it in person.  I have attempted to meet you about a half of dozen times when either my wife or I was at the hospital for routine care.  I would always stop at the Emergency Room desk to see if you were on shift.  For the most, I was told that you were not working, however on Monday, January 30, 2017,  I had a much different experience that I would like you to be aware of.  I have also CC below other people that I feel need to hear about this.

On January 30th, 2017,  I came into the hospital for a CT scan.  I had my appointment, which was very traumatic because I needed to have contrast and it was the first time since my event that I was on a table once again.  Afterwards, while I was there, I checked in at the ER desk to see if you were on or at least figure out a time when I could meet you.  As usual, I told the receptionist why I was there and what you had done a year ago.  She asked me to have a seat and that a patient liaison would be right with me.  About 15 minutes later, a member of security asked me to come with him so he could talk to me.  I was then taken to a corner of the ER, near the door, and integrated, belittled, and embarrassed on the reason that I was there to see you.

He then told me that he understood that I had stopped in before and asked about meeting you and that the emergency staff was uncomfortable with that.  He told me that this was inappropriate for me to do this.  I was completely and utterly shocked of what he was saying.  I mean, I did nothing wrong, but wanting the chance to say thank you, in person, to the person that saved my life.  I was asked not to return and ask for you in the future and that I may want to try to write you a letter and see if you wanted to even meet me.  I was applaud, disappointed, heart broken, and felt like I was being treated like a felon.

I am now scared to even come back to the emergency room because I do not want to be stared at by staff or security that was there during that day.  I really would like an apology from security for the way I was treated and still would like the opportunity to thank you in person.  Anyone could have gone into my medical record and checked out what I was saying was true.  I held nothing back from them including my full name and birth date.  I am very disappointed in this whole ordeal.

Also, I have spoken to my counselor, my family, and many friends about this situation and they were shocked about how that this matter was handled.  It also shed a negative light on what people thought about the hospital.  This never ever was my intent.

If I never get a chance to thank you in person, I would like you to know how thankful I truly am for of all of your hard work and dedication taking care of me that day.  I am literally alive because of you.  My entire family, especially my wife, thanks you for not giving up on me that day in February.




Director of Security

Director of Emergency Room Medicine

Patient Relations Department


  1. Bruce, this was terrible the way they treated you. I hope that the staff and security is reprimanded and you get the chance to meet the Dr. that saved your life. Also do not hesitate to go back and seek care, let them stare. You are a kind soul that just wanted to say thank you. We need more thank you’s in this world.


  2. I would think that the doctor will appreciate the thank you for saving your life. I doubt she/he can do much about how security handle the situation which I think was really bad. It’s a sad world that we live in Bruce when security has to be used in hospitals. I suppose the flip side is they are protecting the doctors from some people who are at the other end of the scale and they are looking to inflict harm for whatever reason.

    It was handled extremely badly. Now you have got it off your chest I hope you feel better. 😉


  3. Bruce, it’s a very nice letter. I understand how much this means to you. The doctors for us are angels save us. Unfortunately, some of them might be busy or simply might be considering us as professional cases. If I’m not able to thank a person did me a favor, I just mention them in my prayers.


  4. I was considering whether the staff could easily look up your records and see that you were legit. I don’t work in a hospital but my family member does. I think she said that you are not allowed to just go and access a patient’s records. I know all access is tracked due to privacy laws and policies. The hospitals themselves have conduct restrictions and I imagine you cannot look up anyone who isn’t directly in your care. I’m not excusing the ER’s behavior, but it’s possible that they (and security) had no way to verify your claims. Given that the ER gets so many mentally unstable people through their doors they may be overly cautious in weeding the good from the bad.

    God bless you, Bruce, and I feel for you. Many of us want to return kindness with acknowledgement. I’m sure you feel robbed in a sense. And to be scrutinized in that way! I, like others here, hope that the doctor gets your letter and takes great comfort in being appreciated.

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