Good vs Bad

Good Afternoon Bloggers,


I really did not want to write a blog today.  I mean it has been a good day.  I woke up, watched TV, took a shower, went to counseling, and now I am in my house with all the windows up because it is 60 degrees out.  I mean what else could you ask for.  Oh yeah, that call I have been waiting for about this job I want.

Lately, I have been thinking about all of the people that have helped me by playing a part in saving my life that day.  My wife, my doctors, my nurses, the 911 dispatcher, EMT’s, firemen, my wife’s side of the family, and my friends.  It has not been an easy journey and I will live with these memories all of my life.

I have made many changes in my life since almost dying.  Some for the positive, some for the negative, some for just me, and some for my family.  These changes are allowing me to become a better person.  After a year, I feel better then I have ever felt in my life even though I still have not admitted that to anyone out loud.  I need to get out of the “poor me” phase at times and just go full steam ahead.  I need not to slur my speech!  I can do this, we all can!  We don’t have to hide or dwell on our past we just need to keep moving forward.  Isn’t that what it is all about?

Also, I want to say thank you all for all of your support and comments.  It means so much to me and it continues to make me stronger and stronger.  Till this day I am still shocked of how many people and how many countries you all come from.  Hope you are having a great day where ever you may be.  If not, turn it around, and make it a good day!




      • You , I believe have a great way with words, you make me laugh out loud and you can make me feel sad. That is a gift. You believe it or not have touched several people on here already. Your following as increased very quickly which is unusual as your not a women smiling with pouty lips 😉 Lots of people on this site have and are overcoming difficulties including me!

        Lots of people have been abused, bullied, raped , lost loved ones, Going through cancer …. the list goes on. It’s life Bruce , writing does help, I write for myself to heal myself and if someone else is helped by my pain then that’s great.

        When I’ve read the comments on your posts it shows me people care.

        I felt bad when I laughed at your first few posts but they were so funny. Emotions are funny things they go up and down.

        I’m a perfect example , that’s because we are human Bruce. 🌹

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      • Thank you for your honesty. Don’t ever worry about laughing at any of my posts, I would laugh to. I am the kind of a person that laughs at a funeral it is how I react to things. Until next blog… you have put pressure on me lol

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  1. I went to the funeral of my neighbor today. He was 63 and died of cancer. It was a celebration of the man that was kind to everyone. He liked everyone. If he didn’t like them he went out of his way to get to know them better so he could find common ground and a way to be friends. He was generous. He was happy. He was only 63. I want to be more like him and I realize I have a lot of work to do to get there. I want to be the best me I can be but I also want to be the kindest me I can be. It’s a tall order! But walking out of the service to Jimmy Buffett’s Matgaritaville helps to put things in perspective. 😄

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