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Yesterday, one of my followers asked me how my job situation was going since having my trauma and everything that I have been through.  Honestly, it sucks.  Up until February 11, 2016 I worked in a hospital (ironically, the one that saved my life) as an administrative coordinator for the Pediatric Cardiology Department.  I loved my job and it took over 8 months to work up to the position in the pediatric department.  However, the doctors and nurse in the department were not very receptive of any type of change and when I came on they did not approve.  It was very difficult to do my job as I was questioned about everything and it felt like I was going in circles.  I did so much for them I do not think they realized the amount of work I put in.

About 2 weeks prior to my coma, I was offered a job at the front desk of a Pediatric Department in my hometown.  I was a fool if I didn’t take it and it was only 5 mins from my house meaning that I would not have an hour and a half commute each way to Boston.  I was ecstatic!  I cried like a baby when I accepted the job.  I thought that my life was finally starting to move in a positive forward direction.

Then February 12th happened……

I remember waking up from my coma, two weeks later, worried about my new job and how we were currently paying our bills.  My super hero of a wife I learned applied for disability through the hospital, seeing that technically I never reached my last day of service and was still considered an employee there.  I could not believe that they accepted me.  I finished my inpatient rehab (more about that in another blog) and was released to my home.  Once again, I had learned that my wife, she deserves a medal, had been in contact with my new job, and they were actually holding my job until I was ready to start.  We are not talking days, we are talking weeks.  Something that I never heard of a company doing before.

Once I got home, I was terrified to be alone (another blog coming) but I had to take it easy and I was confined to the house when I was alone.  I had been in touch with my new job and updating them with my process but then it happened.  They put me in a corner.  I was given a date when I needed to start by, or they would have to look for another candidate.  I hadn’t even had a month of rehab at home and get reacquainted to the world.  I was still having major trauma issues that I was dealing with and still having limited mobility of my right arm.  However, after talking to my cardiologist he decided to clear me from the heart perspective to start working again.

Yeah, we all thought that it would be good for me and that I could handle it.  I was the only one to objective cause I knew my own body but let’s not talk to the one that lives inside the body, you know!  Ughhhhh, I hate that.  Regardless, I only lasted 3 months with the job and was laid off two days before my birthday and my probation period was up.  Unemployment here I came, which is a joke in MA.

So now I am here where we are today.  Still not working without my unemployment that ran out a month ago.  I finally feel that I can attack the world again and am searching for a part time job just to get me out there again.  However, no one wants to hire me because they all tell me that I am “over qualified”.  You gotta love it, someone with a bachelor’s degree can not even get a part time job.

As a result, I continue to write my blog, try to stay positive, and try to look for a job.

Best of luck to me!





  1. Things always happen for a reason which does not become clear straight away 🤷🏼‍♀️ what about doing some voluntary work? What about a career change. Can you retrain? The world is your oyster Bruce a brand new start, scary but could be a blessing 😇


  2. Bruce, my mental capacity is diminished and my behavior unpredictable at times; not very conducive to a corporate environment. Have you tried applying for disability with social security administration till you can get possibly get back on your feet.


  3. One of the things I do when job hunting is only list the things that I think will help me get the job. I learned not to tell potential employers about education above what was needed for the job. I only had to be told I was over qualified once time.


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